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Steven D. Linowes

Meet the Team


Steven D. Linowes



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1991 Master of Business Administration



Ann Arbor, Michigan 1985

Bachelor of Science Computer Science Engineering




TechBridge, Founder/Board Chair
Neighborhood Nexus, Founder/Board Chair Riverwood International Charter School, Board Chair Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Board Member



Holds multiple patents for technology process improvements including online streaming and commercial building energy optimization.


• With more than 25 years of successful leadership in large and entrepreneurial companies, Mr. Linowes has a proven track record of building and strengthening companies including creating new markets and growing early-stage opportunities into successful, scalable businesses.


Professional History


Chief Business Officer, LogistiCare Solutions CEO, Damballa, Inc.
CEO, Mercatus Communications
Director, Corporate Development, Yahoo! VP Product/Marketing/Support, Encompass Product Unit Manager, Internet, Microsoft



  • Created billion-dollar markets with products used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide including several foundational commercial services of the Internet.

  • Led external side of healthcare services business - nearly doubling revenue from $720 million to over $1.3 billion within 4 years. Turned around operations growing revenue from $80 million to over $225 million and managing over 900 employees.

  • Raised more than $20 million of institutional capital and built companies into proven, recurring revenue businesses. Multiple company exits resulted in >7x return for investors.

Industry Depth

  • Healthcare Services

  • Software/Technology

  • Technology Enabled Services

  • Transportation/Logistics

  • Additional interest in markets that are being

    disrupted through technology, new products/services, or via changes to customer/payor/business models

Functional Expertise

  • New Venture/Market Development

  • Product or Service Assessments and Development

  • Divestitures Into Independent Company

  • Market Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Business/Technology Performance Assessments

  • Technology Enabled Services

  • Sales/Marketing Planning

  • Scaling Products/Services

  • Business Model Development

  • Portfolio Company Interim Operating Role

  • M&A Due Diligence including above activities as

    well as market theses

Phlippe Tarbouriech

Philippe Tarbouriech

Philippe Tarbouriech brings 20 years of experience of turning innovative technologies into innovative products, both in the US and in Europe. From startup companies to large organizations, his experience covers a wide range of domains from health to automotive, with a special focus on consumer and image related businesses. Prior to starting his consulting activities in Europe, Philippe worked for 10 years in Silicon Valley, both with startups and with Electronic Arts.

As a Technology Fellow and Producer for Electronic Arts, Philippe has helped solve numerous critical problems related to technology on a variety of products. Philippe co-founded Xenote, demonstrated the product and raised 9.5M$. 3 months of test with 15000 iTag users demonstrated the stickiness and potential of the service then sold it to Microvision, allowing them to ship an innovative barcode reader. A strategic advisor to DxO Labs, Philippe has contributed to the product definition of DxO Optics Pro from inception through its numerous iterations and has helped DxO communicate effectively with photographers and the industry.

Passionate about image and photography, Philippe sells his images to various organizations and companies. UNICEF has been featuring his images worldwide for point of sales displays, catalog covers, calendars, and cards.

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