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Do you qualify as any of the below?


  • Growing but not at the rate that you think you should be - especially if you are a company with a strong product or service.  

  • Believes there may be more effective ways to deliver your products/services and aren't sure how to approach the market.  

  • Do you have products/services that you’re looking to scale up but not sure how?  Or, are you trying to create a platform of services to better address market opportunities?  (We have a deep passion for products and have created platforms/products that have become billion dollar markets.)

  • Interested in an independent perspective of your current approach/path to delivering products/services.    

  • Interested in "tech enabled" services but aren't sure how this pertains to you.  Or, have you heard about technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, platforms, cloud services, on demand, AWS but not sure how to leverage these to increase sales or improve efficiency?  

  • Are your existing products/services not as efficient as they need to be because they’ve been delivered or supported the same way for decades?  (we have assisted companies to improve sales by 80% and improve earnings by 20% through the deployment of these services)   

  • Experiencing market disruption via technology or business models and, needs to revise your products/services/sales approach to capture the opportunity.  

  • Looking to divest or acquire divisions/companies but need some additional assistance in this area - creating a structured process in this area including identification of potential companies, investors, and integration/divestment.

O8 Partners are extensions of your management team.  

You’re extremely busy with your “day jobs” and struggle to apply the resources in thinking more strategically about your business.  We’ve all been there.  You know there are areas of the business not operating how you need them to but don’t have the time/resources to structure up the opportunity and execute on it.  That’s where we come in.  We’ve done both and are here to assist you in capturing that value!

We have worked in many industry segments including: 

  • Healthcare Services

  • Software

  • Technology enabled services

  • Transportation/Logistics


Additional interest in markets that are being disrupted either through technology, new products/services, or via changes to customer/payor/business models.  


Lastly, we want to work with CEOs/operators who are passionate about what they do, open to working with people like us, and where our assistance will make a fundamental impact in their business.  


If it sounds like we can make a difference in your business, please contact us!

Operating Companies: Services

Operating Companies

At O8 Partners, we are very passionate about making a difference in the market - with scale and impact. 


We will only work with companies that we feel that we can assist you in meeting your objectives.

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