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The types of opportunities that you’re looking to address:

  • Do you have products/services that you’re looking to scale up but not sure how?  Or, are you trying to create a platform of services to better address market opportunities?  We have a deep passion for products and have created platforms/products that have become billion dollar markets.


  • Are your existing products/services not as efficient as they need to be because they’ve been delivered or supported the same way for decades?  Or, have you heard about technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, platforms, cloud services, on demand, AWS but not sure how to leverage these to increase sales or improve efficiency?  This is another area that we can be of assistance as we have assisted companies to improve sales by 80% and improve earnings by 20% through the deployment of these services.

 Industries and Market Characteristics


  • Healthcare Services

  • Software

  • Technology enabled services for traditional industries

  • Transportation/Logistics

In our view, expertise doesn’t just pertain to the types of industries but also requires an understanding of the market characteristics and opportunities for the company.  So, are the markets being disrupted either through technology, new products/services, or via changes to customer/payor/business models?  These are dynamics that we have a long and successful history of servicing as operators of companies.

Industries: Services


At O8 Partners, we have specific industry experience as operators in the following markets but we also have senior level of relationships at many of the leading companies in the technology and healthcare industries which we leverage on our clients benefits.  And, if we don’t know the company personally, we know the people who know the senior person at those companies to get strategic input or create on-going relationships.

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