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Helping organizations unlock value by accelerating growth and enabling technology.

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 A Growth Driven Approach to Your Business

O  Partners is a unique combination of accomplished executives with international experience, providing creative, strategic and operational services to startups, operating companies and investors.  


Clients come to O  Partners for guidance in meeting their full growth potential, or for strategic leadership when investing in technology-enabled services that can transform their business.


We help companies grow and mature, taking advantage of opportunities in changing markets and services, and are passionate about helping our companies become market leaders, both in scale and strategy.



Who We Serve

Who We Serve

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Operating Companies

As industry veterans of operating companies making a difference in the market -- with scale and impact -- is paramount for the O  team. We work exclusively with companies where we see potential for scale and market leadership.


Specifically, we work with organizations that are: 

  • Growing but not at their full potential.

  • Seeking new strategies to best scale up existing products or services.

  • Interested in leveraging technology to deliver legacy products/services in new ways that will improve the service, capture new markets or decrease costs.  

  • Experiencing market disruption via technology or business models and requiring new approaches to capture opportunities in dynamic markets.  

  • Looking to divest or acquire divisions/companies through a structured process, including identification of potential opportunities, financial partners, and internal management of the integration/divestment.


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Financial Services

As investors ourselves, we also understand the need for comprehensive review of prospective investments and assistance with existing portfolio companies.  


We assist Private Equity, Venture Capitalists, and Investment Banks on market assessments, development of investment theses and strategies within a given industry, and identification of high-growth opportunities for investment targets and portfolio companies. These services have helped investors and companies at all stages unlock real value, whether from innovations in the delivery of services and products, from the comprehensive and nuanced understanding of dynamic markets, or from the capture of new business segments and customers. We have extensive experience in the development of platforms to assist in growth-to-scale and have expertise identifying unique opportunities across all industries.

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We frequently work with Organizations and Operators who, extremely busy with their “day jobs”, struggle to apply resources to opportunities for the strategic and exponential growth of the company.  When areas of the business are not operating as they should, and management finds itself with limited resources to optimize existing practices or capture new opportunities, O  Partners builds a bridge to a new company paradigm. Beyond rolling up sleeves and offering additional manpower, our team crafts and implements an action plan to allow management to shift focus to the highest value and market-leading opportunities.


O  Partners specializes in markets facing disruption, whether due to new technologies, new products/services, or changes in business models with new customers or payors:

  • Healthcare Services

  • Software

  • Technology enabled services

  • Transportation/Logistics


We want to work with CEOs/operators who are passionate about what they do.



About O8

About O  Partners


O  Partner‘s strategic advisors have founded, led and grown successful startups and have years of operating experience at some of the largest companies in the software technology, services and digital media fields.  We have created billion-dollar markets and, built and sold products and organizations. We are not lifelong consultants.  We know how to put strategies in place and, most critically, we have the experience to execute on those strategies to see them come to fruition, whether organically or acquisitively. Our team is uniquely adept at navigating markets which are in the process of being disrupted -- whether through business model or technology innovations -- and, at scaling new market opportunities. O  Partner‘s has decades of experience developing platforms to better service opportunities and to transform markets.  

We want to work with CEOs and operators who are passionate about what they do, and driven to work together to make a fundamental impact in their industry. O  Partners views itself as extensions to the management teams we work with, as we have decades of experience sitting in similar seats to our clients. This cross-platform business experience allows us to bring valuable and hard-earned insights to each new engagement, developing and executing upon plans that maximize growth, profit and liquidity.




  • LinkedIn

Steven D. Linowes



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1991

Master of Business Administration



Ann Arbor, Michigan 1985

Bachelor of Science Computer Science Engineering




TechBridge, Founder/Board Chair
Neighborhood Nexus, Founder/Board Chair

Riverwood International Charter School, Board Chair

Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Board Member



Holds multiple patents for technology process improvements including online streaming and commercial building energy optimization.


With more than 25 years of successful leadership in large and entrepreneurial companies, Mr. Linowes has a proven track record of building and strengthening companies including creating new markets and growing early-stage opportunities into successful, scalable businesses.


Professional History


Chief Business Officer, LogistiCare Solutions CEO, Damballa, Inc.
CEO, Mercatus Communications
Director, Corporate Development, Yahoo! VP Product/Marketing/Support, Encompass Product Unit Manager, Internet, Microsoft



  • Created billion-dollar markets with products used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide including several foundational commercial services of the Internet.

  • Led external side of healthcare services business - nearly doubling revenue from $720 million to over $1.3 billion within 4 years. Turned around operations growing revenue from $80 million to over $225 million and managing over 900 employees.

  • Raised more than $20 million of institutional capital and built companies into proven, recurring revenue businesses. Multiple company exits resulted in >7x return for investors.

Industry Depth

  • Healthcare Services

  • Software/Technology

  • Technology Enabled Services

  • Transportation/Logistics

  • Additional interest in markets that are being

    disrupted through technology, new products/services, or via changes to customer/payor/business models

Functional Expertise

  • New Venture/Market Development

  • Product or Service Assessments and Development

  • Divestitures Into Independent Company

  • Market Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Business/Technology Performance Assessments

  • Technology Enabled Services

  • Sales/Marketing Planning

  • Scaling Products/Services

  • Business Model Development

  • Portfolio Company Interim Operating Role

  • M&A Due Diligence including above activities as well as market theses

  • LinkedIn

Philippe Tarbouriech




Ecole Nationales de l’Electronique et des ses Applications

Paris, France 1990

Majored in Digital Signal Processing



Paris, France 1991

Startup Company Program



Method and system for identifying data locations associated with real-world observations

Date issued Apr 27, 2000  Patent issuer and number US WO 2000067155 A2


While 'problem-solving' is an overused term, this is actually what Philippe does.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Crypto Technology (blockchain) are just the latest incarnations of software and can be applied to almost anything organizations want to achieve.

His clients range from startups to large car manufacturers and his specialty is helping organisations uncover the potential of technology.

Professional History

CTO - Bluenote World (Singapore)

Technology strategy - FLIO (Hamburg)

Strategic Advisor - Dual Aperture (Palo Alto, CA)

Strategic Advisor - DxO (Paris)

Consultant - WIPO (Geneva)

Consultant - Renault (Paris)

VP Engineering - Xenote (San Mateo, CA) 

Producer, Technology Fellow - Electronic Arts (Redwood City, CA)



  • Delivered innovative 3D games on a variety of platforms and solved various technological challenges for groups worldwide (mathematical issues, copy protection, motion capture, rendering…)

  • Led the design and helped market an award-winning image processing software based on innovative optical modelling of cameras and lenses

  • Designed distributed energy efficiency collaborative solution based on blockchain and zero-knowledge proof solution. Wrote and deployed smart contracts to support token sale and vesting. 

Industry Depth

  • Software/Technology

  • Automotive and mobility

  • 3D and digital photography

  • Gaming and consumer software

Functional Expertise

  • Imaging

  • Decentralization and protection of confidentiality

  • Gamification and User Experience

  • Deep learning and AI strategic approach

  • Real-time data and IoT

  • Maths and algorithms


Thanks for your interest, we'll get back to you shortly.

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